Learning CyberSecurity – Twitch, Thoughts and Resources

In my discussions at places like VetSecCon Jr 2020 (put on by the guys at, one of the things that has been consistently discussed is how to set yourself apart when you go look at jobs. Numerous ways were discussed, including discussing your home lab, blogs, publications, volunteer work in the Cyber Security community, etc. There are a few people who also include working on pentesting challenges, capture the flags, etc., and even fewer that try teaching those back to the community.

Today I wanted to share some of the links that have gotten me on my way, as well as make a plug for my next project, and hope you all tune in for a bit as well. So, first off, I will be streaming nightly on Twitch. This will include HackTheBox and TryHackMe to begin with. Additionally, I will be discussing general cybersecurity topics and basically anything else the audience wants to see. This will be focused at beginners, and I’ll be learning right along with you guys. My stream will eventually be hosted right here on my website, which is going to be strictly more Cyber Security. All works in progress!

Anyways, here are some things I want to share with you guys, link-wise. These are all resources I have used or have been told great things about.

Twitch Streams:
Actual_Tom – My stream, weekdays at 5pm PST. Hope to see some of you there!
TheMayor11 – Joe, from CyberSecPadawan. Great stuff, and he’s always helpful!
TheCyberMentor – Heath Adams’ stream, weekdays at 9am PST.


VeteranSec – This is a Cyber Security community for military veterans!
The Cyber Mentor – Heath Adams’ site, creator of two great Udemy Courses.


ActualTom.Com – This Blog. Thanks for Dropping In!
CyberSecPadawan – Joe’s Journey Into CyberSecurity – Writeups and More

Hacking Practice:

TryHackMe – Great site for beginners into CyberSecurity. I have a paid subscription, excellent place to learn. A lot of my streams come from here.
CanHackMe – A few interesting challenges.
HackTheBox – Spin up a VM and have at it! Less guided than TryHackMe.
CyberSecLabs – I see a lot of people working on these now, haven’t done it myself, but they look pretty good!


Udemy – A lot of the courses can be hit or miss. Both by Heath Adams are fantastic.
OverTheWire – Gamified Learning of Linux. Great tool.
UnderTheWire – Like OverTheWire, but with PowerShell.
RegExOne – Learn Regular Expressions. Important!
PluralSight – Video based learning. WGU offers alumni free access.

I’m sure there’s more that I’m missing, and I will endeavor to keep this up to date as we go. I’m looking at adding a link list to the side of my page, maybe that’s a good spot for it. Anyways, please tune in to my Twitch Stream, for now, daily at 10pm PST.

Hope to see you there!