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Hey everyone! My name is Tom and I run! Why Actual Tom, you may ask? Well, it goes back to a love of Battlestar Galactica and the Captain of the ship answering as “Galactica Actual.” I used it as my handle in gaming over the years and it’s kind of stuck with me.

Anyways, I’m currently working in the United States Navy, but I have a strong interest in Cyber Security, particularly in the realm of penetration testing. Throughout my Navy career (18 years and going strong!) I’ve managed to glean some IT experience, and above all else, I’ve found the most interest in learning how things work on the red teaming side of the house. As I work on my transition from the military, I’ve been focusing a lot on my knowledge in Cyber Security, and have started this blog page as a way to give back to the community. If I can help a military veteran in their transition, or someone entering the IT field learn something, it will all be a success. Please catch hacking writeups and more in my blog, and thanks for checking the site out!

I stream whatever I’m working on learning in hacking periodically (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 5pm PST) on my Twitch stream! Catch me below or at the link in the top right!


CCNA Security
LPIC-1 Linux Administrator
CompTIA Project+
CompTIA Linux+
CompTIA Security+
CompTIA Network+
CompTIA A+
eLearnSecurity eJPT
NCCT Certified Post-Secondary Instructor

I am currently pursuing the Offensive Security Certified Professional certification from Offensive Security and my Master of Science Degree in CyberSecurity.

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