A Trekkie (or is it Trekker?), Navy Sailor, husband, father of 4, and CyberSecurity junkie. That really about sums me up. I’ve served nearly 19 years in the United States Navy as an Electronics Technician (Nuclear Power) Senior Chief Petty Officer. I am currently on shore duty, preparing for my eventual transition from the United States Navy into the civilian sector, where I hope to transition into Cyber Security.

I hold a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology – Security from Western Governors University, am an Honor Graduate of the U.S. Navy’s Senior Enlisted Academy, and am pursuing a Master of Science in Cybersecurity from the University of Charleston.

For my current job, I provide engineering and material support to three Seawolf-Class submarines, along with other detachments to my command. Additionally, I am responsible for the career development and mentorship of the senior nuclear-trained enlisted personnel on those three nuclear-powered submarines.

Outside of work, I am an aspiring piano player, a Cyber Security nerd, a Star Trek geek (currently playing in Star Trek: Above & Beyond at, and an avid hiker. I believe in fixing things when possible, not buying new (ask my clothes dryer), in preserving the outdoors and our planet for future generations, and am interested heavily in politics.

My thoughts here are simply that – my thoughts for me. I’m starting this site and blog in hopes of creating a platform for my cybersecurity writeups and papers, along with my thoughts and anything else I find interesting that others might find interesting as well. That being said, peruse the site, leave me a note, and I’ll try to get back to you!